Chatsworth High Bus Driver is Giants Biggest Fan

Written by Kellie Caparula Sun Contributing Writer

Thursday, 05 June 2008

If you've ever watched a Dodger game when they're playing the San Francisco Giants in San Francisco you've probably seen the "Rally Pumpkin" the Giants' "unofficial" mascot and good luck charm. Unlike the old Angels' rally monkey, the popular "Rally Pumpkin" is a 375-pound man dressed in orange wearing a pumpkin hat, cheering and screaming for his beloved team.

Underneath all that orange is Craig Appel, a bus driver for the Los Angeles Unified School District and Chatsworth High. The North Hollywood resident is a such a loyal San Francisco Giants' fan, that he has become their "unofficial" mascot who drives the teamto their games when they play here in Southern California.

He also drives the Chatsworth High School junior varsity baseball team to their games and has become a sort of good luck charm for them too. The team was already on a roll when Appel started driving them, but he kept the teams winning streak going, said Stuarts Sellz the head coach of the Chatsworth junior varsity team. The team won three games in a row with Appel as their bus driver.   









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