The Rally Pumpkin was conceived on June 30,2005 in BankOne Ballpark (now called Chase Field).

After watching his beloved Giants defeat the Arizona Diamondbacks, Jingles (the Southern California team's bus driver) was leaving his seat when he was spotted by Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow. Wearing orange shorts and an orange tee-shirt, Krukow yells from the pressbox, "Jingles, you look like a GIANT PUMPKIN".

Traveling with Jingles that day was his baseball buddy "Giant Lady," a fan from San Luis Obispo, CA (pictured left). A few weeks later, Jingles receives a pumpkin hat and orange socks from "Giant Lady" and the Rally Pumpkin was born.

Adding his RP airbrushed tee-shirts and more props from Charlene (AKA Giant Lady) the Rally Pumpkin made his debut at A T&T Park on April 14, 2006. While trailing the much-HATED Dodgers, Jingles transformed himself into the Rally Pumpkin during the 7th inning stretch. In the bottom of the 9th, the Giants rallied to BEAT the Dodgers 6-5.

A tradition was started.

Now when the Giants are trailing at the 7th inning stretch, look for the Rally Pumpkin to appear.






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